Oleh: Ruth Mary J, Alumni batch II
I was sitting on the dinning table waiting for my parents to come. It was a very long day because of school and projects that I have to accomplished on that day. For my family eating together is really important because togetherness determines a very good relationship. After a couple minutes my parents sit on the dining room/eating table I suppose. We pray and start eating. We shared lots of things during that period of time. My dad talked about how the European is going down due to financial problem. The countries are facing difficulties on their business, only Germany and Dutch that are able to support. We had a strong conversation, between Asian and the situation of European. I burst it out about how European are way much more better than Asian because of the achievements they accomplished. For I personally countries like Germany and Dutch are most best among the others. They show how they organized the money in business area, their life style effects the outcome for now how the countries appear moving forward, taking over territories of other European countries.

one thing that I learned from that conversation; the life style and the way we think/ the way our own interpretation effects the future. Countries like Italian, might be one of the most dangerous country because of crime well, there are lots of robberies that happened, people aren’t honest enough about a certain things.

People in this world might have different opinion or point of view. For example, the European and the Asian. They think differently, act and speak differently. Culture and traditions might leads into different personalities of a person. People with positive thoughts will help the country more according to experts, but we tend the opposite way.

generally we can put in as that our first step would be the stage that we have to face for the next. Literally it means, our first actions will be considered as our decision for the up coming events.

So, we had this serious conversation because I planed to move to the area of Europe. Living with high cost will be a consideration after looking at its economy crisis issues. Well, I really want to move to Germany, something that makes me proud of the country are; how the history of Germany impacts situation and environment. Doesn’t matter how rich the country tried but if the people didn’t collaborate well it’s nothing. People are called the individualic person, that’s how European people live their life everyday. Considering how the Asian live, they work together but apparently they couldn’t on certain area. Really moving on into something useful for their country would be a positive outcome.

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