Oleh: Meghan Angelique Leeladevi Umbara
Two couple named laurence and kaitlyn is on a date to coffee bean in fx mall on the first floor laurence promise that he will pay and buy the coffe for kaitlyn then laurence saw his friends hanging out then his friends caled laurence and said “hey bro wat’s upcome hang out with us’’ then laurence come to join them but kaitlyn waited for a long time so laurence came to his girlfriend and gave the coffee that kaitlyn wanted they both are silence and don’t know what to say.

Then suddenly laurence’s friends calling him to come hangout then laurence said yeah sure so kaitlyn just followed an uncomfortable feeling they all went to this electronic shop called lazia they all was thinking to buy a earphone then suddenly kaitlyn went away without any permission the laurence started to and he rat as fast as a cheetah to find his girlfriend so she find kailyn standing and weeping infront of the lobby laurence .then laurence said ‘’why did you ran away ‘’ and then kaitlyn said’’our date is ruine because of you’’laurence just realised that he have been a bad boyfriend and said ‘’i’m so sorry ‘’while hugging kaitlyn tighly then they went home happilyand laurence learn a lesson to stay with her girlfriend in a date rather than other person.

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